Primary review of the voting results

The preliminary results of voting were summed up. Not only did they turn out to be interesting, but also gave all the grounds for planning positive scenarios regarding the readiness of the public consciousness to overcome the crisis.

First of all, we note that more than 75% of voters are citizens, permanently residing in Armenia, 13% are representatives of the diaspora in Russia, and the rest are spread across different countries of the world.

The team of leaders consists of 40% of citizens, permanently residing in Armenia, and 60% are either representatives of the diaspora, residing in Armenia from time to time (with dual citizenship) or representatives of the diaspora, permanently residing in other countries. We consider these results to be a breakthrough in the national consciousness. There is a readiness to accept the joint team-work, which will bring Armenia out of the crisis.

The structure of the team is presented in the following proportions:
- up to 35% - representatives of various types of businesses and investors
- up to 20% - representatives of the army
- up to 20% - representatives in the field of culture, education, and religion
- up to 5% - high-ranking state officials
- the remaining 30% are represented by political scientists, representatives of the current government, health officials, etc.
Hence, 70% form the core of the team. 

The model is reasonable - there is entrepreneurship that must develop the economy in the country, protected from external threats with its own culture, education system, church and managed by experienced officials. Also, 70% of the group will be harmoniously complemented by the representatives of 30% of the group. This model currently summarizes only the first stage of voting and is not an offer (in the sense of contract law).

 We will closely monitor the voting and the priorities of hundreds of thousands of voters, we will give our assessment and invite all the interested parties to discussions.
For now, let's just say - our common goal is not to search for a savior, but to find a team of leaders - of winners, and among them there will be the "Primus inter pares" (first among equals).
To be continued…

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