"Armenia 2021" Initiative: Call to Action

Dear compatriots!

The voting process under the Armenia 2021 initiative has ended. 

Key results:

1.  For the first time, the election and national voting for professionals, who are able to assume responsibility and help take the Armenian society and state out of the crisis, were conceived and carried out.

2. 42 days passed from the launch of the project to the end of voting (from December 7, 2020 to January 17, 2021)

3. 200,180 Armenian citizens and representatives of the diaspora took part in voting

4. 68.2% of voters were from Armenia

5. 408 candidates were proposed by the society to be included in the voting list

6. An initial composition of the potential anti-crisis team was identified

7.The active participation of the Armenian society proved the relevance of this project

We - the organizers of the Armenia 2021 initiative - based on the fact that the country is in crisis, the political field is at a stalemate, the overwhelming majority of the Armenian citizens are disoriented and do not see an alternative to finding a sole superleader to overcome the crisis, made a decision and implemented the idea of identifying and forming a team of professionals, each of whom is distinguished by a high level of competence in their field and are ready to take part in building the future of Armenia.

The first step of the Armenia 2021 Initiative was implemented in a voting format and without disclosing the organizers until the end of this voting for the following reasons:

a. the decision not to disclose the organizers until the end of the voting aims to keep the public's attention focused on the main idea of the initiative!

b. The voting format makes it possible to determine the level of confidence of the nation in the candidates, whom the public could judge based on information from open sources about their biography, skills, reputation as professionals and their patriotic actions. In addition, people had the opportunity to take the initiative and propose their candidates for whom the vote was also passed. Thus, the national potential of professional personnel and a model of national consensus and trust in the society are formed!

We are confident that our nation has sons and daughters who are endowed with the corresponding opportunities, knowledge, and willpower to lead the process of restoring Armenian statehood in all areas of domestic and foreign policy: national security, defense, economy, social, humanitarian and others.

Current step:
Based on the results of the electronic voting of 200,180 of our compatriots, we call all the candidates to give feedback on their readiness to cooperate within the framework of the Armenia 2021 project by writing to our official email address: info@armenia2021.com

Next steps:
1. We will personally get in touch with the 20 leaders of the election, as with those who received the highest level of confidence from the voters, for them to take responsibility and personally participate in the process of bringing the country out of the crisis. Due to the high public demand and the need to make the process as transparent as possible, all the answers will be published!
At the same time, we will interact both with all those who participated in the election, and with other professionals from different fields. We hope that the expectations of society will be met!

2. We will conduct the necessary consultations with representatives of similar initiatives in Armenia and the diaspora to achieve stronger synergy on the way to reach common goals.

3. We will cooperate and consolidate all the forces on a single national platform, where each participant can contribute to building a decent future for Armenia.

We perfectly understand all the complexity and responsibility that each participant, who is willing to respond positively to our call, has to assume, therefore, from our side, we will make every effort to work together in a coordinated manner.

From Armenia 2021 to Armenia 2121!

Organizers of the Initiative: Igor Zargaryan - public figure (Armenia), Ilya Baladyan (Russia), Garry Garanyan (Russia), Garik Gevorkyan (Armenia), Gevorg Mkhitaryan (Armenia), Vazgen Sarukhanyan (Armenia)

All claims and comments made on behalf of the Armenia 2021 Initiative can be found on the official website armenia2021.com or received from the official mail info@armenia and from the co-organizer of the initiative - Igor Zargaryan. Any other claims or statements on our behalf are considered illegitimate.

Official website: armenia2021.com/en/ / Official email address: info@armenia2021.com 

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